Accelerating Performance, Redefining Digital Solutions and Delivery

The company incorporated in 2017, AppFuxion Consulting Sdn Bhd is fast becoming a leading provider of digital solutions and software testing services to Banking, Insurance, Retail, Telecommunication and Hospitality clients across Asia-Pacific Region mainly in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippine for regional project. We offer a comprehensive range of value-added digital solutions that are of highest quality and innovation as part of our commitment to produce the right business outcome for our clients.


AppFuxion Consulting has approximately 120 skilled and experienced digital solution professionals from software blueprint, architecture, process automation, quality assurance to project management. We bring years of experience in delivering digital solutions tailored to your business requirements.


Our specialists are industry proven consultants that can architect the right solution, devise a practical delivery plan and deliver customer-centric services to meet our client’s requirements. To further emphasize on our customer centric approach, we ensure that we are a natural extension of our client’s team; reducing cost, duration and complexity of our client’s projects while delivering the right digital solutions all within the required timeline.

Vision & Mission

Be a Digital Solution Disruptor:

AppFuxion strive to provide practical, innovative and cost effective solutions that infused with accelerators that closely match with business objective, improve time to market, quality consistency, minimized delivery risks, optimize ROI across our clients’ company.


We put our focus and passion to improve our digital solution and model to provide the best, innovative, flexible, cost effective strategy, approach and service model to assure that our digital solutions are a differentiator in the industry.


Be part of our Client:

AppFuxion strive to uphold integrity, trust and openness during the engagement with our client. We strongly believe in working closely as part of the client delivery team to ensure efficiency and transparency which will result in the right solution and on-time delivery.


Empower and Build Employees:

AppFuxion strive to empower and build our employees to be the leaders in the digital solutions industry and also in their respective community. AppFuxion employee and team are the crucial factor in realizing AppFuxion Vision and Mission.

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